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One of the brands featuring AdBlaster
Another brand featuring Instant Booster
Another brand featuring Blog Blaster

AdBlaster is a software program that promises to automatically post free advertising for your website on 2,500,000 websites. It is frequently promoted via spam, particularly spam promoting its affiliate site,

AdBlaster is a component of several software packages promoted under separate names:

  • Blog Blaster,
  • Blog Submitter,
  • Cash Creation,
  • Clicked Cash,
  • Directory Submitter,
  • Data Entry Job,
  • eBay Cash Machine,
  • Feed Blaster,
  • Google Ca$h Machine,
  • Hit-Booster,
  • iNSTANT BOOSTER (reviewed here),
  • Minute Profits,
  • Seo Secrets,

all of which appear to contain similar or the same items. In addition to AdBlaster, the other components promise to "blast" advertising to newsgroups and newsletters. It is apparently not the same software as the AdBlaster adware program that is bundled with other Internet software downloads and continuously creates pop-up ads on your computer.

This is a difficult article to write, because it is so hard to find examples of exactly what this program does. If it works by posting ads for the user's website on 2,500,000 other websites, surely it should be easy to find one of those sites with an ad for AdBlaster itself, right? But searching for AdBlaster in Google returns only 58,700 sites, and of those, 24,100 are sites providing descriptions and removal instructions for the other AdBlaster adware program.

Searching for "AdBlaster" and "2,500,000" returns 12,300 sites. So we're quite a bit short of 2,500,000 ads for AdBlaster being indexed by Google, let alone 2,500,000 a day. Searching through those results, you will mostly find the sites of affiliates selling the software or of software download sites that offer it as shareware, rather than any site displaying free advertising. Going farther down the Google search results, you will find a number of sites that are nothing but lists of links to other sites, and without using "search page," it's usually difficult to find any AdBlaster entries.

Meanwhile, searching Google for "program" and "post" and "free" and "advertising" will return 25,900,000 hits, and at least in the first 15 pages of results, is nowhere to be found. So the creators of this software don't appear to be very skilled at using their techniques to attract traffic to their own sites. That would explain why they feel they need to send all this spam.

It's really not surprising. Google considers those websites with no actual content other than a list of links to other sites to be an abuse of their page ranking system, and they will actively suppress sites like that in their search results. Using this program could actually lower your Google page rank. For people who agree with Google's point of view and want to fight back against these sites, they can be reported here.

The spam advertisement for Instant Booster reads like it is the means of planting thousands of redirection sites in Google and Yahoo. That sounds familiar. At the time of writing both Google's Blogspot and Yahoo's Geocities were under attack, with automated registrations of blogger sites set up to perform redirections to spam sites occurring over 1,000 times per day. This is partly covered in this wiki for Blogspot.

...iNSTANT BOOSTER diverts 1000s of fresh,
new visitors daily to Your web site or affiliate
web site from Google, Yahoo, MSN and others
at $0 cost to you!


The company "e-trinity Internetmarketing GmbH" is a legally registered company in Germany, that has Sebastian Foss as the owner. Indeed, the contact information for is totally valid. Consequently it is important to alert local German authorities to the company's activities. This can also be done at:

Polizei Bezirksdienst
Borromäusstr. 1
51789 Lindlar, Germany
+49 2266 470501

The registration of is in a contract with Gandi.

Reviews by Actual Users of AdBlaster

AdBlaster is actually offered for download as shareware on legitimate sites like CNET's and Tucows.
Some of the reviews at from people who claim to have bought the program offer comments like these:

Well, the AD IS MISLEADING! It will submit your AD to the 400 FREE SITES and not to 
the PAID SITES not unless you have paid for them!

Millions HA! Bunch of balony. There are NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEES, and their 

I also despise the FACT that they bombard you with other LINK PARTNERS - stipulating 
it's FREE - HA! Bunch of LIES I tell you (laughs). 
....brought this full product and it does not even generate a hit after using for a 
month -.-! can't get a refund..didnt respond to my mails...this product is just a 
waste of time and money and the product claims are all LIES!!!
This version was created in 1999. No updates. I verified that NONE of my posts got 
entered. most of the sites don't even exist.
There are no changes at all in my web visits and the thing makes ads popup which is 
probably what they get paid for. In my opinion it's a complete waste of time but I 
will continue to check it out just to make sure I haven't made a bad judgement and 
will get back to you. I also don't like the idea it wants my email address because I 
have increased spam since using it. Maybe this should be taken off of
It doesn't work used it for 3 months and not one click to my website. Save your 
money. don't be a turkey like me and waste your money.

All of the ratings on CNET are negative. To their credit, AdBlaster didn't post any fake positive reviews.

Samples of Spam

Clicked Cash

from:	 ClickedCash
date:	 Thu, Feb 9, 2012  
subject:	 Earn Money Online

My name is Michael,

How would you like to make $25 - $100 every
single day just for clicking your mouse ?

I have developed the "ClickedCash" - System
that allows you to stark making money on
the Internet 15 minutes from now - without
any investment or advertising!

All you have to do is click your mouse!

For Full Details please read the attached .html file

Data Entry Job

Data Entry Job
reply-to:	 Data Entry Job <>
date:	 Sun, Jan 22, 2012 
subject:	 E n t e r - D a t a - O n l i n e

Numerous companies are looking for workers
to submit information into online forms and
they will pay you nicely in return.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but
a legitimate way to earn money from home.

For Full Details please read the attached .html file

eBay Cash Machine

from:	 eBay Cash Machine
date:	 Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 1:17 PM
subject:	 Make money on eBay 99% automatically!

Hi there,
My name is Michael

I've made it my job to help people succeed online.

I'm constantly on the lookout for the best ways
and means to make your job simpler, and I pass
the good stuff on to you.

I have developed the eBay Cash Machine - it allows
everyone to make a great income on eBay 99%
automatically. It only takes a few minutes to set
up and once that is done you will have your own eBay
Businesses that literally run on auto-pilot!

You just wait for the money to come in!

For Full Details please read the attached .html file

feed blaster

from: Feed Advertising
Received: from ([])
Tue, 17 Jan 2012 
More and more people are subscribing to feeds every day and
there are millions who are already subscribed.

Your ad will reach a very broad range of potential customers.

Feed Blaster is the first & only submitter that can submit your
ads to thousands of feeds within a few minutes! 

Right, that would mean you would have millions of sites
linking to your ad and millions of users reading your
message within minutes.

For Full Details please read the attached .html file

directory submitter

from:	 Directory Submitter
date:	 Wed, Jan 25, 2012  
subject:	 Submit to 2700+ quality directories
My name is Michael,

Do you really know what it takes to quickly
generate high-quality traffic to your Web Site?

Listen up. I must let you in on a few insider *secrets*: 

Instead of waiting months to generate sales on your
site, you can start gaining the hits you want right now. 

For Full Details please read the attached .html file

instant booster

from:	InstantBooster
date	04 Mar 2008 10:08:16 -0800
subject	Can you afford to lose 300,000 potential customers per year ?
Can you afford to lose 300,000 potential customers per year ?
How would You like to divert 1000s of fresh,
new visitors daily to Your web site or affiliate web site from
Google, Yahoo, MSN and others At $0 cost to you...?

...iNSTANT BOOSTER diverts 1000s of fresh,
new visitors daily to Your web site or affiliate
web site from Google, Yahoo, MSN and others
at $0 cost to you!

...No matter what you are selling or offering -
INTSANT BOOSTER will pull in hordes of potential customers to your website 
- instantly!

blog submitter

Y o u r - a d - o n - 2 - m i l l i o n - b l o g s
from: Blog Submitter
We have developed a software that automatically
places your ad on millions of blogs.

You will receive thousands of targeted hits to
your website as Blog Blaster places your ad on
blogs that match your ad's category.

This method has never been released to the public
before. Very few, if anyone has implemented this.

For Full Details please read the attached .html file


from:	Edna Comer <>
reply-to	Edna Comer <>,
date	Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 3:04 AM
subject	How would you like 2 Million Sites linking to your ad ?

How would you like 2 Million Sites linking to your ad ? Weblog or blog population
is exploding around the world, resembling the growth of e-mail users in the 1990s.
Post your ads where people read them! - What if you could place your ad on all
these sites? Right, that would mean you would have millions of sites linking to your ad.


from: Web Traffic
date:	 Fri, Jan 27, 2012 
No Matter what you are selling - Hit-Booster
will send targeted visitors to your website!

Within 15 minutes you will have your own website
traffic generator that will bring in an ever increasing
amount of hits to your websites! Automatically

This software is perfect for bringing real traffic to
your site... even if... it's an affiliate link where you
have no control over the website content!

For Full Details please read the attached .html file

cash creation

from:	 Cash Creation 
date:	 Sat, Jan 28, 2012  

How would you like to make 15 - 25
every single day just for clicking your mouse?

Start earning Minutes from now!

Don't believe any hyped promises - you won't
be making thousands of dollars every day and
you won't be a millionaire by next year but
my System is a surefire method for everyone
who wants to start earning online.

For Full Details please read the attached .html file



Registrar: GANDI SAS
Sebastian Foss
e-trinity Internetmarketing GmbH
Boehler Str.14
Registered: 2006-08-28 10:27:20


Registrar: GANDI SAS
e-trinity Internetmarketing GmbH
Boehler Str.14
Registered: 2005-11-05 07:58:30


... info hidden by PrivaycProtect ...
Registered: 2008-02-11

When the Privacy protection was lifted in June 2008:

Name: Sorin Lupescu
Company: MGStyle

spl 1 dec 1918

City: Lugoj
State: Timis
Country: RO
Zip: 305500
Tel No: 00 40256357502
Fax No:

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