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Read the FDA public safety warning .


This is one of numerous minor spam brands which appear to be repackaging of "My Global Pharmacy" Like others, it is spammed as throwaway domains whose target is determined by the first letter of a three or four letter subdomain.

Official Generic Pharmacy screenshot

Samples of spam

Subject: Phentermime, Ambiem, Xamax, Valiun at $1.75/pill & ViagraCia||is xqtzy

    Wholesale Price FDA Approved Pharmacy     
      FREE SHIPPING to All Countries    
      Shipped Via EMS within 48 hours  
ViagraB     from $1.75  
Cia|iisB    from $2.00        
ValiumB     from $2.00      
XanaxB      from $1.50    
AtivanB     from $2.00   
LevitraB    from $3.50     
PhenterminB from $3.00    
AmbienB     from $1.75     
No Embrassment, Discreet Packaging   
EASY ORDERING: Just Order & Pay, we ship out in 48 hours        
Please visit below link 

The above link is a throwaway domain redirecting to, the target domain hosting Official Generic Pharmacy. The "d" in the subdomain "dsg" determines the redirection target.

Redirection targets

The same throwaway domain may redirect to multiple brands depending on the first letter of the subdomain. This may be seen by making a substitution with any spammed URL:,,, etc. The following assortment was observed in June 2008, but these relationships may not remain constant:

first letter of
throwaway subdomain
target domain brand
a Mr. Long
b US Drugstore
c Federated Rx
Official Generic Pharmacy
g ED Express
h Vegas Casino
k Worldwide Wholesale Pharmacy
p PowerEnlarge
r SwissWatchesDirect
t King Replicas
v WonderCum

How to report this spam

The Complainterator is configured to request removal of these fraudulent sites. Add a link to this page as evidence.