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The Rx-Promotions affiliate program includes a number of fake pharmacy sites first observed in July 2007.
  • Any RX Tabs
  • Always Great - http://always-great.com/
  • Canadian Online Meds - http://canadianonlinemedicine.com/
  • Canadian Online Pharmacy
  • Cheap Meds List - http://cheap-meds-list.com/
  • Drugs For Us - http://drugsforus.com/
  • Golden StethoScope - http://golden-stethoscope.com/
  • Great RX Pharmacy - http://great-rx-pharmacy.com/
  • Health-Refill - http://healthreorder.com/
  • Health Online Leader - http://health-online-leader.com/
  • HealthRefill
  • Internet Drugs Pedia - http://i-drugspedia.com/
  • MedrugsPlus - http://med-drugs-plus.com/
  • Meds For Us - http://meds-for-us.com/
  • Meds Leader - Top Online Pharmacy Supplier - http://medicleader.com/
  • Men Drugs Shop - http://drugsshopformen.com/
  • Number One Clinic - http://numberoneclinic.com/
  • Pure RX Shop
  • RX Pharmacy Center - http://rxpharmacy-center.com/
  • RXED On Green - http://rxed-on-green.com/
  • StallionsRX - http://stallionsrx.com/
  • Star Of Health - http://star-of-health.com/
  • The Canadian Rx Drugs - http://canadianrx-drugs.com/ and http://herbiedrugs.com/
  • The US Drugs - http://the-us-drugs.com/ (different from the Bulker.biz brand US Drugs)
  • Trusted Meds Online - http://trusted-drugs-online.com/
  • World Of Drugs - http://world-of-drugs.com/

The sites are blatantly fraudulent and should not be mistaken for legitimate online pharmacies. As of October 2010, for instance, they are including free tabs of "generic Viagra" with every drug ordered.(There is no generic for Viagra that can legally be sold in Europe or North America.) They even include them with drugs in the nitrate family -- a potentially lethal interaction. Either they are not real drugs (quite likely -- they promise their affiliate up to 75% commissions), or they are murdering their customers.

Ordering from these sites would be equivalent to simply handing one's personal information and credit card number to a criminal standing on the street corner selling narcotics.

Rx-Promotions, January 2010
Rx-Promotions, October 2010

FDA Warning Letter

The US Food and Drug Administration FDA) issued an official Warning Letter on October 8, 2010.

Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations
TO: support@rx-drugs-support.com
FROM: Food and Drug Administration Internet Pharmacy Task Force
RE: Internet Marketing of Unapproved and Misbranded Drugs
DATE: October 8, 2010


Acomplia (rimonabant) is well-known as the name of a drug previously approved in the European Union. It has never been approved by FDA, and in June 2007, FDA’s Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee unanimously voted not to recommend approval of the drug because of increased risk of neurological and psychiatric side effects including seizures, depression, anxiety, insomnia, aggressiveness, and suicidal thoughts among patients.

A copy of this warning letter was copied to Rx-Promotion

Marianne Knowles
Suite 2, Portland House
Glacis Rd, GI

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