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Trusted Tabs

Trusted Tabs or Trusted Tablets was first observed as forum spam in February 2009, though their sites have been in existence gaining notoriety for several years. They came to our attention when the spammer made the remarkably stupid decision to spam the Firetrust software support forums. (Firetrust's products mainly address spam and internet abuse.)

Trusted Tabs, Trusted Tablets and Ultimate Pill Store are all part of the group known as RX Partners found at

Counterfeit pills

Like other spamvertised pharmacies, Trusted Tabs claims to be selling generic versions of medications like Viagra which are still under patent protection. It isn't legal to make such drugs without a license from the patent holder. Any drugs for sale are illegal counterfeits at best. As such, there is no way of getting a reputable company to certify that they contain the stated medication in the stated amount. That doesn't stop these companies from trying to make you believe it:

Your pills do not look like the brand name medication. The pills I have received 
have a different name printed on them. Why?

As we have already mentioned that no manufacturer can take out a patent for a 
chemical agent. Thus generics can have the exactly same active ingredients as the 
brand pills. However, names and appearance (shape and color) of medications can be 
and are always patented and should be treated as the intellectual property. Thus 
using the name and the shape of the brand pills a manufacturer producing generic 
medications will be accused of the copyright infringement. This is why generic pills 
look different, they are of a different color and have a different shape if compared 
to a brand name pill. 

They're trying to confuse you regarding "patents" and trademarks" here. (Not too difficult, since they're violating both types of laws!) A manufacturer most certainly can take out a patent for a chemical agent, at least, it can do so in the name of one of the employees it paid to develop it. In the US, that patent lasts twenty years, including any time spent doing the testing to prove its safety and efficacy to the US Food and Drug Administration. (It may be extended longer if the manufacturer spends money on studies proving additional uses for that chemical. For instance, Viagra has been shown to be effective in a condition called pulmonary hypertension that previously had very few treatments available, and the manufacturer might obtain an extension of its patent if it did studies to have that use added to the officially approved labeling.)

Manufacturers will apply for patents in other countries at the same time they apply in the US, and various treaties will require countries to respect one another's patents. While some countries may not respect them, it is definitely not legal to smuggle such items into the US, and it has led to significant jail terms for those caught doing so.

The name and appearance of the pills is covered by "trademark" law, and does not expire as long as the company defends that trademark. So even after Viagra can be sold generically, it would not be legal to show pictures of Viagra tablets if that isn't what they're actually selling.

Payment Processors

Trusted Tabs SSL.jpg
Many fake pharmacies claim to be using a secure checkout system with encryption of credit card details, using Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). Unlike many such operations, this one has been seen to be actually using an SSL certificate. On closer examination, this GeoTrust certificate seems to be issued to a fake registrant. Here is an example.

Web site =

Checkout = has address provided and protected by Prolexic.

Google and you find it is listed at

Look up its name servers you find NS0.CUSTNS.COM has address and NS1.CUSTNS.COM has address resolves access to


which are all listed as "Fraudulent payment processors". They have the same fake registrant details, and reside in the Prolexic protected IP address space.

Registrant details for and those name servers are fake. The phone number listed as +44.7077076198 does not exist and the address listed as 438 – 490 Mile End Road, London, E1 4PE is scheduled for demolition.

Click to enlarge the screen image of the security certificate issued by GeoTrust.

Web site =

Checkout =

The registrar is listed as in Australia at phone: +61.390057904 which does not exist. has address under ISP Akamai Technologies, Inc. in Cambridge MA

Phone support

Like the infamous Canadian Pharmacy, this brand provides a phone number on their pages and advertises phone support. It also gives you a convenient way of searching for other pages that have the same phone number. Mostly you will find other spam posts linking to domains that have already been suspended, since the sites themselves display the phone numbers as images, not searchable text. But there are some sites that track scams based on their phone numbers:

Later editions included the phone number as text, enabling a search tool lookup to verify it is used bt Trusted Tabs and other fake pharmacies"800-532-4808"&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t

Sample domain using this support line =

A search on these phone numbers turns up some additional incriminating evidence, as at

National Association of Boards of Pharmacies

Unlike most such pharmacies, Trusted Tabs seems to have some sites that have survived for several years without being shut down. That has permitted them to be evaluated by sites like, which lists them as "Not Recommended" due to being "out of compliance with state and federal laws or NABP patient safety and pharmacy practice standards."

Examples of spam

Posted on the Firetrust forum:

Medical Supply center, clinic
Postby MarthaHDelarosa on Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:39 am 

It was one of the original medical paraphernalia and medical supplies distributors 
to come forth online.
We contribute to combined practices, military, surgery centers, clinics, hospitals, 
specialties, homecare specifyrs, individuals, and numberless other customers.
perpetually on the unequalled bourn of technology allowing our customers access to 
thousands of medical products. Orders can be placed online securely, at once, & 
smoothly 24 - 7.
We sire an adept sales personnel to offer medical mat‚riel and supplies knowlbourn 
to you to sign over your hold a breeze.

(If they are "siring" their sales personnel, you have to wonder about the use of child labor here!)

All about internet pharmacy, check this

New postby DexterDScott on Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:51 am
Since wide the year 2000, a growing figure up of Internet pharmacies be struck by 
been established worldwide. profuse of these pharmacies are nearly the same to 
community pharmacies, and in indeed, sundry of them are absolutely operated by 
comrade-and-mortar community pharmacies that suffice consumers online and those that 
convoy in their door. The immediate discrepancy is the method by which the 
medications are requested and received. Some characters weigh this to be more 
available and retired method less than traveling to a community drugstore where 
another character capacity overhear there the drugs that they take. Internet 
pharmacies (also known as Online Pharmacies) are also recommended to some patients 
by their physicians if they are homebound.
While most Internet pharmacies deliver up remedy drugs and coerce a valid direction, 
some Internet pharmacies deal in formula drugs without requiring a remedy. numerous  
purchasers suitable drugs from such pharmacies to steer clear of the "drawback" of 
visiting a doctor or to buy medications which their doctors were unwilling to 
prescribe. how in the world, this procedure has been criticized as potentially iffy, 
peculiarly by those who in one's bones that but doctors can reliably assess 
contraindications, risk/benefit ratios, and an personal's entire suitability for use 
of a medication. There also from been reports of such pharmacies dispensing 
substandard products.


In each of the cases of Firetrust forum spam, the links in the posts were to fraudulently registered usernames in a separate forum. Those "users" had URL's in their profiles linking to the pharmacy domains themselves, apparently in an attempt to boost search engine rankings.

Examples of pharmacy frauds


Typically these have registrants with a Russian sounding name (Nicola Smirnov, Eugene Kotovski, Alexander Kravtsov).

Associated Brands

Trusted Tabs occupies different subdomains on the same domains as "Reliable Meds: Smart Savings Online."


(This is a different brand from "Reliable Pharmacy.")

The site titles in the html code will reflect the domain name, not the visible title in the image.

examples: = Trusted Tabs = Reliable Meds, but the title in the html code is "Best 

The phone numbers displayed on these sites lead to similar sites: = Reliable Meds, but the title in the html code is "order cheap 
drugs offshore online pharmacy - viagra, cialis, levitra, zithromax, soma, lexapro,  
imitrex, valtrex"

Reliable Meds receives a similar no-confidence vote from NABP.

Trusted Tablets

This advertises 3 contact numbers,

  • +1 (718) 313 1498 (US regular) [also used for Online Pharmacy]
  • +1 (800) 532 4808 (US toll free) [also used for Online Pharmacy]
  • +44 (203) 011 0241 (UK)

One of these is also shown for Trusted Tabs, and Pharmacy. It belongs to

RX Partners
145-157 St John Street
2nd Floor
London, GB EC1V 4PY
Great Britain
+44.7005968172 (does not exist)

Ultimate Pill Store

This uses the same contact phone number - +1 (800) 532 4808 (US toll free)

Reporting this Spam

Since these domains have been in existence several years, it is clear the registrars have not been getting notification about the illegal nature of these sites nor of their forum spamming. In the case of a customer they have dealt with for several years, it is important to have multiple sources of evidence to present. If these spammers have posted to your website, document the series of links and report it to the registrars for the target domains and the nameservers. Link to this article for additional evidence. Complainterator is an effective way of generating emails; add the additional data and links to the forum spam before sending the reports.